You can perform bank transfer or support us ONLINE below.

Name of the company: Kishantosi Nonprofit Kft.
(English translation: Kishantos Rural Development Nonprofit Company)
Bank account number: HU47 1020 1006 5004 5927 0000 0000
Swift Code of the Bank: OKHBHUHB
Name of the Bank: K&H BANK ZRT
Address of the Bank: 1095 Budapest, Lechner Ö. fasor 9.

In case of ONLINE TRANSACTION all the fields below have to be filled in, than you will be redirected to the K&H Bank site where the online payment will be done.

E-mail address:
Amount of support:

You have to know:

1. Supported company: Kishantosi Nonprofit Kft.
2. Address: 2434 Hantos, Kishantos
3. Tax number: 18487648-2-07
4. Company register number: 07-09-015886
5. Tel: 25/506-020
6. E-mail address:
7. Service of the online payment: financial support
8. Currency: Hungarian Forint

9. Anybody can support the company, there are no restrictions defined. The payment starts after filling in the fields above (name, e-mail address, amount), then the card information will be necessary on the K&H Bank site to be able to perform the successful transaction. After the payment, the transaction results will be seen on the company's website and an e-mail will be also sent to the given address at the beginning of the transaction.

10. The online payment is a secure transaction. The K&H Bank accepts the VISA, VISA Electron, V-Pay, MasterCard, Maestro és JCB cards.

The electronic only cards can be accepted only if it is supported by the cardholder! Please ask for information at your bank whether your card can be used for payments on the internet!

After the transaction a transaction number from the bank will be available for you which contains the information that your payment. Please note this! In case of unsuccessful transactions the root cause of the error will be seen also.

12. The amount - you transfer to the company - is a financial support, it is not possible to pay it back to you.

13. Personal data handling supports the Hungarian law (2011. CXII.).

Your data won't be passed to a third party and will be handled confidentially.



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