The Kishantos Organic Demonstration Farm on 452 hectares was destroyed by a government decision in Hungary! Even the organic plants on more than 400 hectares were destroyed on 12th April 2014 in a violent action ordered and backed by the Hungarian government. It have happened against the Constitution of Hungary and against the low.

Kishantos leaders turned to the court and struggle for the survival. As the whole Centre was runned on the income of the farm - Kishantos is in a very hard situation. Until the final court decision we need to survive. Luckily we could keep the Centre itself with the education Centre, farm centre, park and 1 hectares of new garden under conversion to organic. So we are able to continue our activities for sustainably. We are trying to get income from the education, from the organic garden and from the utilization of the buildings. But it takes time - therefore we need help to survive this very hard period. We ask all those who agree with us that a centre for sustainabiltiy with a scientifically designed organic demonstration farm should not be destroyed - it has to be built up again!

Let's show the power of the movement for sustainability all over the world - let's help the survival of Kishantos!

You can use our online system to donate us (CREDIT CARD with Hungarian Forint only, PAYPAL with Euro, US Dollar or Hungarian Forint), or perform bank transfer with the following information:

Name of the company: Kishantosi Nonprofit Kft.
(English translation: Kishantos Rural Development Nonprofit Company)
Bank account number: HU47 1020 1006 5004 5927 0000 0000
Swift Code of the Bank: OKHBHUHB
Name of the Bank: K&H BANK ZRT
Address of the Bank: 1095 Budapest, Lechner Ö. fasor 9.

Cikk megjelenésének dátuma: 2015. 06. 12.



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